Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers and Law Firms

Increase your search ranking.

Boost your law firm's search rankings through SEO.

Search engine optimization can help you place on the first page of Google.

That isn't the only thing SEO does, though. Our law firm SEO services make sure you stay on top of search results. We also build a strong, informative content marketing strategy so your on-page content has a greater chance of becoming featured snippets on SERPs.

There's a higher chance of new clients finding you when you have an optimized website that looks clean, loads quickly, and offers relevant content. Let's maximize your online visibility through streamlined design, targeted keywords, organic content, and trusted backlinks.

Eye Tea Studio employs best SEO practices to help your law firm:

Increase search rankings

SEO Targets Quality Traffic

Search engine optimization is a strategy that combines content marketing, social media marketing, and excellent web development practices to increase your standings in search engine results pages. By ensuring that search engines have quick, reliable information about your content, SEO pushes your page to the top of search results showing your content to people who are already searching for you.

Save money on advertising

Digital advertising is arguably the quickest way to increase website traffic. But even the most effective PPC campaigns need a meticulous SEO strategy for a website to stay visible and relevant for a long time. Complement your PPC efforts with a thorough SEO strategy designed specifically for law firms.

Save money on advertising

Organic SEO results appear relatively slower than PPC results. But once you've reached the first page of search results and established your authority and credibility, you can cut down on ad campaigns and save a lot of your marketing budget.

Check your search rankings
Set yourself apart

Outperform the competition and dominate search rankings with SEO

Helps build brand awareness

Having content optimized for search engines is an excellent way to build your brand. Having quality content that's easy for potential clients to access will make your website their goto when they have legal questions. Building awareness and trust will cement your firm as the authority in the minds of your clients.

Move ahead of the competition

An optimized SEO strategy will move your site ahead of your competitors. You've checked out your competition before and noticed that most law firm websites look the same and take forever to load. Optimizing your website will set you apart, increase your rankings in search engines, and push you ahead of your competitors. Stop missing out on opportunities to get more clients.

SEO provides a better user experience

Creating content is only one part of content marketing and search engine optimization. Having proper meta data and structured data associated with your content will enable rich snippets on sites displaying links to your content. For example, having an AMP (accelerated mobile page) shows a lightning icon in Google. Having structured data allows apps displaying your content to add a new level of interactivity for your potential clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Our Entry Level SEO Workflow
SEO Plus


  • Site Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization (15 hours)
  • Content Writing
  • Meta Title & Description Optimization
  • Schema Markup Organization
  • Monthly Reports
  • 3 Monthly Guaranteed DA Links
Most popular
SEO Premium


  • Site Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization (27 hours)
  • Content Writing
  • Meta Title & Description Optimization
  • Schema Markup Organization
  • Monthly Reports
  • 4 Monthly Guaranteed DA Links
  • Monthly Keystone Content Building
Our Most Comprehensive SEO Workflow
SEO Prime


  • Everything from Premium
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager Setup
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • On Page Optimization (39 hours)
  • 301 and 404 Optimization and Fix
  • 6 Monthly Guaranteed DA Links
  1. Prices are monthly and discounts are available with 3, 6, and 12 month agreements.
  2. Social media management includes sharing of created content, curation of related content, and frequent posting as is standard per social media network.
  3. What constitutes guaranteed results will be defined by both of us. An example would be that we guarantee you will be provided with a number of new leads per month or you aren't invoiced for the next month.
  4. Our general guarantee is that you will see increased leads within 90 days or you won't pay again until you do.