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Increase client retention with law firm branding

The way you present your brand plays a major role in whether potential clients choose your law firm — these people are looking for an authoritative and credible firm that can best represent them.

Eye Tea Studio puts your best foot forward in the digital sphere through a series of meticulous and personalized branding services.

Successful Branding Is...?

Branding, by definition, is the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design. Branding lets your customers and clients know what to expect from your law firm by making a memorable visual impression through good design. It sets your law firm apart from its competitors in such a way that makes you superior.

Your brand is a client's overall perception of your business.

No matter how well you present your law firm to the target audience, your branding still largely depends on how clients — existing and potential — view your business. Your values, ideals, and reputations are defined by other people’s perception of your brand. For this reason, you need a meticulous branding strategy.

Eye Tea Studio lists down the most important factors of a successful branding plan: logo design, business cards, custom stationery, social media assets, and business website, to name a few.

Increase brand perception

Your law firm's unique identity is created by the visual language that these elements establish. Building a brand is a delicate process that requires a strategy and ongoing effort. However, successful branding leads to more clients, word-of-mouth referrals, and brand loyalty for your legal services.

Law firm identity

Set your law firm apart

You have the space between a heartbeat to communicate your law firm's core values to a potential customer. Afterall, you're not just competing with other lawyers or law firms, you're competing with all of life's distractions. According to Forbes, the average American is exposed to upwards of 5,000 logos or advertisements every single day. At any given moment, if you peek around, there will be in the neighborhood of 10 logos staring back at you. Your law firm's brand isn't just a needle in a haystack, it's a grain of sand in the ocean.

Your brand tells your law firm's story

Potential clients need to see in an instant why they should hire you and not some other law firm. It's crucial to have a solid brand identity that draws attention and keeps it, because oftentimes, your law firm only gets one chance. One shot to captivate and communicate everything you want your potential client to know about your law firm. You want them to know that you're professional, dependable, and premium? You want them to know at a glance that you're the obvious choice? Shout it with quality branding!

A strong brand sets your law firm's value

Sacrificing branding and design not only makes it harder to develop an effective digital marketing campaign, it literally costs you money. An ugly logo, poorly designed website or stationery can scare away clients. Would you entrust an important life decision and gobs of money to a law firm with clip art or cookie cutter visuals? Even the best digital marketing will fall flat if your law firm is funneling potential clients to a bland and uninspired design.

Digital marketing loves superior design and branding

Law firm branding and marketing

By creating a consistent visual language, your brand builds credibility and recognition, making your digital marketing solution much more effective and saving you money.

Be the change

Your brand improves morale

A clear brand strategy can create an environment that makes employees proud. Excellent branding can increase productivity and employee retention, and by extension, your bottom line. If you create an environment worth investing in, your employees will be excited to work for your law firm.

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