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We started this company out of a desire to show that beautiful design can also be fast.

Our goal is to innovate and utilize our problem solving skills to solve problems for law firms and other businesses who need help with their processes. We believe that design and development are very important aspects of any business.

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Jake Tollette

About Eye Tea Studio

We want to show the world that you can have a beautiful design that can also be super fast and easy to use. We want to tear down the barrier between your business and your customers.

What we think

We've seen too many business owners settle for subpar design and inferior development because they didn't realize they had a choice. There's a belief that your website can be fast or pretty. It's simply not true.

Law firm marketing what we do

We offer a full range of digital marketing services!


Branding lets people know what to expect from your law firm by making a memorable visual impression through good design.


Good design is easy and enjoyable to interact with. Its purpose is to engage the average user in such a way as to evoke a positive emotional response.


We write our code from scratch to make it as lightweight and efficient as possible. We want to streamline your process as much as possible.


Having relevant content available to people who are searching for solutions drives the right kind of traffic to your website.

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We want to show you that with effort in the right areas, you can drive a ton of quality traffic and generate serious qualified leads.

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We design solutions that put your business in a better prosition to dominate the market.

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